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The market for online photo editing and printing continues to grow and give users more ways to get creative than ever before. We covered a couple months ago and found it fast and easy-to-use in turning your photos into works of art. But how cool would it be to take your photos and turn them into a professional-looking comic strip? Almost anything’s possible on the Internet these days, and enables you to take your memories and turn them into full-fledged graphic adventures.

So is Comeeko easy to use? You bet. After signing up for your free account, here’s how you set up your strip:

  • Click the “Create” tab at the top of the page
  • Choose anywhere from 1-9 panels for your comic strip and arrange them (e.g. set them up in a row, in a column, etc.)
  • Select borders, panel sizes, spacing and background colors

Once you’ve done all that, you go straight to the photo editor. Look in the upper lefthand corner and you’ll see your blank set of panels in the arrangement you’ve chosen. Click on the panel you want to work on, upload the photo you want in that panel, then start adding speech and thought bubbles, text boxes and props like facial hair and eyewear. For each photo and object you add, a control panel appears in the “Panel Properties” box lower down on the page. You can rotate your photo and adjust your props at specified angles until they sit just right. Of course, just like on, you can change or distort the tone and color of your photos and objects when you click the corresponding “Effects” button in the Panel Properties box.

But the functionality doesn’t end there. You can preview your comic strip at any time, save it to your gallery, have other Comeeko users vote on it, and re-edit it whenever you want. In addition, Comeeko enables you to post your creations on social networks and blogging tools like MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, LiveJournal, WordPress and more. You can even order t-shirts, mugs and other items with your comic strip printed on them.

Overall, I think provides a lot of free functionality and adds an interesting twist to your traditional web-based photo-editing application. It’s fast, fun, easy to learn, and the end result looks pretty good. Try it for yourself and turn your true story into a graphic adventure.